5 Reasons Why You Need A Tutor In Malaysia

5 reasons why you need a tutor in Malaysia by Mahkota Cheras Home Tuition Centre

5 Reasons Why You Need A Tutor In Malaysia

Tutoring in Malaysia is so well perceived by Malaysians that children, AND I SAY CHILDREN, as young as 7 years old have already been enrolled by their parents. You can say its kiasu-ism but like all parents, they just want what’s good for their kids. Tutoring or as Malaysians call it, tuition, are extra classes students go for after school. It’s either usually held right after school, in the evenings, or God forbid on the weekends. They teach the same stuff in school except their classes are smaller in size, usually 1:10. If you have the funds, you can even opt for 1:1, but prepare to pony up your wallet. If you’re unsure about whether you should get your kid a private tutor or send him to tuition centres, I’ll give you five reasons why.

#1 One-to-one attention

Let’s face it. You’re here because you want to improve your child’s grades in school but you don’t know if tutoring is the right way to do it. If your child is already in a public school, the ratio of teacher to student is 1:30 at the least. I remember back in my schooling days, there were at least 40 students in one classroom WITH one teacher. So, with a class that’s usually an hour long, there’s only so much attention that the teacher can give to each of her student. This is where one-to-one comes in. Tutors who provide one-to one can specifically guide your child in subjects or topics they are having difficulty with. Your child can be excelling in mathematics but not additional mathematics, hire a tutor for that particular subject. It benefits your child in a way that 1. He/She does not have to shy away when they do not understand the topic, 2. He/She may learn quicker and be able to catch up with the class.

#2 Student’s own time

And not all children learn at the same speed, right? There are those who are quick-learners and those who are a tad behind of the group. Also, a class teacher has to follow her lesson plan and finish the topics within a specific time frame. Lucky for you, a tutor does not. Hiring a tutor for your child allows your child to learn at his/her own pace. Say, your child is weak at math and has a problem with the fourth topic and his class is already finishing topic five. They’re going to have a problem catching up with the class. So, that’s how a private tutor would help, to provide them with extra guidance on topics/subjects they’re slow with.

#3 Reduce burden

Whether you’re putting food on the table or caretaking the home, you are already busy. Parenting requires you to run chores, make money, and care for your kid. There’s already so much to do. By hiring a private tutor, you can lessen your worry about your child’s performance. Private tutors are tuned in on the syllabus in schools. To put it plainly, you ARE not if you aren’t a teacher. Tutors have more experience and knowledge when it comes to educating your children. They have faced countless of learning strategies and are well equipped to execute them with your child, for your child.

#4 Learning disabilities

Are you worried your child might have a learning disability? Don’t be ashamed, no one is born perfect. Chances are, their class teacher might be too busy handling the other 29 children in her class for her to notice your child might have a learning disability. With a private tutor, there is an increased chance that they would know the conventional method will not be effective because of said learning disability e.g. dyslexia, visual impairment, colour blindness. Tutors can keep you in the loop so that you can take the necessary steps for your child.

#5 Convenient sake

Private tutoring, oh the convenience. If you have money to invest in one, get a home tutor. Any time spent on travelling especially in a traffic jam is time wasted. Not only for you, but for your child. Home tutors, as the name suggest, comes right into your home which saves you the hassle. When you drop your child off at a tuition centre, chances are you only meet the teacher once and you wouldn’t know their capabilities until your child’s grades show up on the report card. So with home tutors, you get to see if they’re well-equipped and experienced. You can also have a post-mortem with the teacher after classes.
Public schools are filling up faster than ever with more children pouring in every year. Don’t blame the class teachers, nobody can handle 30 children at one time. That’s what private tutors are for.

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